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Author: Hunt,Des

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ISBN: 9781775431763


Lexile Level: 680L

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"Logan's grandfather grew up near Palmerston North in the 1940s. One day, he and his sister Mavis spotted a beautiful and unusual bird in the kowhai tree outside their house: it was a huia bird, which was believed to be extinct. The bird flew away, and in an attempt to photograph it they managed to track it deep into the Manawatu Gorge. It was a dangerous journey through two train tunnels, made even more so when the horrible Carson boys got wind of their mission and decided to try and find the huia first so they could shoot it and sell its highly valuable feathers. More than 60 years later, 11-year-old Logan has returned to the Manawatu with Grandpop and a scientist to try and solve the mystery of what happened to the huia that he and Mavis found all those years ago. Grandpop must remember all the details of the events of many years ago. Can the group rely on his version of the events, and find the huia's final resting place? Will the huia still be there, and will its DNA still be valuable for scientific research into NZ's native fauna? And whoever would have thought that those Carsons are still living in the area and on the loose, and still up to their nasty tricks?"
Genre: General Fiction Subject: People & Places Reading Level: Upper Primary, Middle Primary School Year: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 Ages: 8 to 12 Page Count: 289

What was your favourite story/character?

My favourite character was Algy in the Biggles stories by Capt. WE Johns. They were adventure stories set in wonderfully exotic places.


What was your most embarrassing moment?

I had met a girl that I liked. My friend then rang me up, pretending he was the girl, and asked me out to the movies. Before I could say yes, I had to get my parents permission. They, of course, wanted to know the details and then made a big thing out of me going out with a girl. I still remember the embarrassment when I later found that my so-called friend had tricked me.


What did you most like and dislike about school?

Science was my favourite and best subject especially chemistry. I mostly enjoyed school, but particularly disliked it when teachers were wrong and wouldnt admit to it: that got me into a lot of trouble.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a vet. However it required getting a scholarship to study in Australia, and the careers advisor at the school told me I was too dumb to get one, so I didnt try. I ended up being a science teacher.


Who is the most interesting person you've met in your life?

Ronald Hugh Morrieson, a New Zealand novelist whose talent was never fully recognized when he was alive. I visited his house to play snooker on a couple of occasions. Meeting and talking to him convinced me that you didnt have to be a special person to become a writer.


If you had one wish, what would it be?

That more people understood that living on this planet is a partnership between humans and all the other living thing.


How many people in your household?

Two, my wife and myself.


Do you have any pets? 

We have an English springer spaniel called TeeCee.


Your advice to aspiring young authors.

Read, read, and read! Then take the books that you really like and try to identify why you liked them. The things you discover are likely to help with your own writing.

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