Literacy Pro Books
Literacy Pro Match Motivate Monitor

Measure and stimulate independent reading growth

Are your students developing as motivated, frequent readers?

Literacy Pro measures reading comprehension (using research-based, online assessment), identifies books to promote reading growth in each student, and then motivates them to keep reading via quizzes and certificates. The program also provides meaningful and actionable data for teachers and administrators at a student/class/school level.

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Literacy Pro Storage Solutions

Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing your Literacy Pro library, you’ll need a place for every book and collection that is easy to use, durable, and requires as little day-today maintenance as possible. Book Tubs are Scholastic’s most popular and flexible book storage solution from the Classroom Builders range. They have been designed by experts with Classroom and Library needs in mind.

The perfect fit

Small Book Tubs

Build your classroom library by starting with one of our Small Book Tubs designed for standard picture books, chapter books and readers. The slimline profile and unique ‘locking’ system means you can simply slide the side of one tub into another tub (Small, Medium or Large Tub) for easy access.

Medium Book Tubs

When you need an easily accessible place to organise and store your books, our Medium Book Tubs are the solution. Designed to fit our Key Links and Short Reads collections, as well as most standard take-home readers and levelled readers, they simply slide together to build a connected storage solution.

Large Book Tubs

Easy-to-access picture books make reading choices easier too! Build your library with our Large Book Tubs, wide enough to display picture books face out. Available in all 15 colours, the Large Book Tubs are the hardest working in our collection—they’ll hold picture books, take-home readers and chapter books. They also connect to all the Small and Medium Book Tubs for a complete set.

Visually organised

Use vibrant colours that complement your levelling systems or to coordinate to your classroom. Label all your tubs to so students can find the rights books with ease, plus it helps students return books to the correct location. The Classroom Builders storage solutions pair perfectly with the Clear Self-Adhesive Label Pockets available online.

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