Create a Classroom Library
Classroom Library exciting young readers

Classroom libraries play a key role in providing access to books and promoting literacy.

Developing a classroom library filled with high-interest books allows students easy access to choose their own books and engage with texts that reflect their interests. These libraries have the potential to increase student motivation, engagement and achievement, and encourage them to become informed critical thinkers and analytical readers.

Creating a Classroom Library

What constitutes an ideal classroom library?

A core collection of 300 to 600 books (10–20 books per student) with new books added routinely to spark interest, and old, worn and tattered books removed periodically.

A wide variety of formats: wordless books, big books, picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, book series, hardcover books and paperbacks.

While there are lots of great fiction titles available, it’s important for the collection to include over 30% nonfiction as well. Many students, especially boys, find nonfiction more appealing.

They can supplement your library with a revolving collection based on current curriculum topics, and provide insight into what books are most popular with students.

The classroom audit log is a great tool to discover any gaps in your classroom library. Count the number of nonfiction and fiction titles for each genre (students can help with this), then speak to your librarian about filling the gaps.

Classroom Library Storage Solutions

Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing your classroom library, you’ll need a place for every book and collection that is easy to use, durable, and requires as little day-today maintenance as possible. Book Tubs are Scholastic’s most popular and flexible book storage solution from the Classroom Builders range. They have been designed by experts with the Classroom Library in mind.

The perfect fit

Book Tubs that suit each book size and format such as readers, chapter books and picture books will help you save space and keep your collection organised and tidy. The Classroom Builders Large Book Tubs are wide enough to display picture books face-out, the perfect solution for showcasing new or featured books!

Flexible design

The Classroom Builders Book tubs and tote trays offer flexible storage that slide in and connect to, or sit alongside each other so they can be used in multiple ways ensuring thoughtfully curated and well-organised libraries that suit your unique student’s needs, year after year.

Visually organised

Use vibrant colours that complement your levelling systems or to coordinate to your classroom. Label all your tubs to so students can find the rights books with ease, plus it helps students return books to the correct location. The Classroom Builders storage solutions pair perfectly with the Clear Self-Adhesive Label Pockets available online.

Everything in its place

Coordinate your Book tubs and tote trays with Storage Caddies and Snap-Lock Cases – handy to keep other literacy resources organised, and they can also be used for your STEM and other craft materials.

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